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Back again for another round
February 11, 2010, 3:45 pm
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I have been in a social media overload. Twitter, Twidroid, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging, now Google Buzz, where does it stop? I just go from one social media addiction to another.
I have come to realize that I need to set some limits. For the time being I am going to focus on Twitter and blogging. For me I think this will be the best way of communicating my thoughts and new found ideas.
Today I want to set a goal to update my blog at least once a week. Twitter is another story. I am constantly on Twitter and couldn’t leave it for even a day. But…I will try to limit my time spent checking for new posts.
A new blog I found today that really interested me was Bodyjournal: Watch me do it! ( I like the honesty in her post and I am looking for anyway possible to boost my interest in getting healthy. I start then stop, start then stop, start then stop, you get the point. She is on a personal journey in bodybuilding and clean eating. I may not be into bodybuilding but I definitely need to eat better. I am excited to follow her on her adventure and provide words of encourage as I would like when I am taking on a big tasks.
My latest work endeavor is SharePoint. We have begin to implement it and as a member of the pilot team I need figure out how it can be beneficial to our employees and what applications should my Learning Center use to make it valuable.
More to come later. Things are starting to look up as the snow has stopped coming down and we can drive on the roads. Drop me a line or give me a suggestion on new topics to discuss.